“I Came Here Tonight” By: Rudi Urbach Live @ Spare Room!

On March 18th 2023 Rudi played a live event at Spare Room in Barrie ON to celebrate the release of his first EP, Make Believe is Real. He played a full set of the EP, cover tunes, and some original songs that he has written. This was the first song Rudi ever played live when he was 9. It’s called “I Came Here Tonight”. We will be adding content to Rudi’s Youtube channel as well. Enjoy!

Make Believe Is Real Video

This song was one of five winning songs for the Henhouse Express Jr Contest 2021. The Henhouse Express is a remote recording service started during the lockdown in 2020 by Nashville-based producer and musician Steve Dawson. Artists bring their songs, and Steve and his crew record and mix the tracks for them within a week. The Henhouse Express Jr Contest was a way to bring this service to young and up-and-coming artists and give them and experience having some fun recording music.

More info on the Henhouse Express at: https://www.stevedawson.ca/hhx